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Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization on growth and content of mineral elements in leaves of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)  [1986]

Hamadi, F.M. Al-Ani, A.A. (Baghdad Univ., Baghdad (Iraq). Coll. of Agriculture) Al-Jebori, M.K. (Scientific Research Council, Baghdad (Iraq). Agriculture and Water Resources Research Centre, P.O. Box 2416)

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Nitrogen and phosphorus rates were: 0, 80, 160 and 240 kg/ha. Randomized complete Block Design with three replications was used to design and analysis data obtained. Increased nitrogen and phosphorus rates, significantly increased plant height, no. of branches / plant and no. of leaves / plant. Same results were detected for nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients percentage (based on dry weight) in the fourth leaf of cucumber plants

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Majalat Al-buhu:t Al-zira:3iyyat wa-Al-mawa:rid Al-ma:'iyyat. Al-'inta:j Al-naba:tiy (Iraq)

ISSN : 1012-3474