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Journal article

Measurement Of Pb And Cdl In The Shell Of Pinctada Radiata In Hendorabi Island  [2007]

Reyahi Bakhteyari, A., Faculty Member of Environmental Science Department in Tarbiyat Modarres University; Mortazavi, S., Faculty Member of Environmental Science Department in Malayer University.;

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With attention to studying about pollution environment and the andemic especies in the zone, sampling of Pinctada radiate, water and sediment from 4 stations in Hendorabi island have been conducted in 2002 Summer. after biometrics, evolution of Pinctada radiate, the chemical analysis of the samples Pb and Cd were done by using intermined with the help of Atomic Absorption Spectropbctometer (A.A.S). Result of the analysis Stated that: The mean value Pb and Cd in sediment was inorder 4.62 and 1.11(ppm) and in water 3.67 and 0.837 (ppm) , which comparing the estandard global suitable for sea animals and aquaculture , and the mean value Pb and Cd in Pinctada radiate was inorder10.87 and 2.08 (ppm) respectively in shell, which comparing to the EPA standards, The mean value Pb not suitable , and Cd suitable for sea animals.There was not significant different between weight and size of Pinctada radiate with their absorption and accumulation of heavy metals. But there was a significant different and positive correlation between Pb and Cd content in water .

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Pajouhesh and Sazandegi

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