Written Paper

Fumonisin B1 Contamination of Golestan Corn Product.  [2007]

Mir Abu Al-Fathi, Mansureh Karami, Ruh Allah

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Amount of fumonisin B1 in 100 corn samples which were collected at preharvest, at harvest and post harvest stages from Golestan province in northern region of Iran were evaluated. The samples were milled using analytical Romer mill. Fumonisin B1 was extracted with methanol-water (80:20 v/v) solvent, purified by immunoaffinity columns (IACs) and fumonisin were converted to fluorescent derivatives by OPA (Ortho-phetaldehyde). The mycotoxin was quantified through high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with fluorescence detector (Em=335 nm, Exi=440 nm). Standard curve was drawn between 0.3125-40 µg/ml using 6 fumonisin working standards. Validation of the method was estimated by Certified Reference Material (CRM). The percentage mean of recovery obtained using this method was 90.7 %. All samples were contaminated with fumonisin B1, the range of contamination varied 261to 6891 ng/g and the mean of contamination was 3069.5 ng/g. There was no significant difference on the contamination of samples at different sampling stages.