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Technical and Economical Investigation on Different methods of Coastal Dikes Revetments  [2007]

Daghigh, Younes Rezaiekhah, Mohammad Reza Habibi, Ali Reza Agtoman, Peyman et al.

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Increment of value of lands, population growth in the world and necessity on optimum usage of coastal lands in recent years, led to more researches done on designing and constructing coastal dykes and conservation of coastal lands. Many countries those are confronted land limitations, have started to make areas for constricting residential and recreative complexes by developing coastal lands and creating artificial islands. Netherlands and United Arabic Emirates are such as these countries. This increment of necessity and importance of coastal projects claim that wide researches be done on new methods of coastal engineering and protecting structures. Regards to different countries and their conditions, proportionate researches should be done to reach to correct and proper results. Our country Iran is not excepted from this rule. With development of polymer science, new aspect of demanded materials for construction of civil structures has been made. Conventional methods are rapidly replaced with new methods. New materials those called geosynthetics are used widely in many coastal projects and the projects results showed extremely efficient. Regards to extended coastlines at north and south of Iran and high importance of their conservation, this research is engaged in various method of coastal dykes conservation. Due to usage increment of geosynthetic materials in different similar projects in the world, comparison between conventional methods and geosynthet
ic using methods have been done in this research with regards to exciting conditions in Iran. Further, because of novelty of new materials and lack of enough information about them, this research engaged in study on different geosynthetic materials and their structures those are used in coastal engineering projects. This study leads to the geosynthetic materials be chosen by more information. At the end of this investigation economical comparison between conventional and new method of coastal dyke conservation has been done. It makes it possible by attention to economical and technical condition, the most suitable methods could be chosen for conservation of coastal dykes.