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Study of agronomic factories affecting on losses damage sugar beet root rots  [2011]

Shahbazy, H.A.; Soltani, J.; Taleghani, F.D.;

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Root and crown rot by fungi including Rhizoctonia, Pythium and Phytophthora, most important factors are inhibiting the production of sugar beet. To evaluate the effect of agronomic factors on the reduction of sugar beet root rot experiment was performed in Khorasan Razavi (Torbat jame). Split plot experimental design that the main plot two levels of irrigation (including irrigation 8 days and 16 days) and the operating subplot level in 8 factorial of 4 levels of planting date (15 March, 15 April, 15 May and 15 June)and cultivar two levels (varieties resistant Dortea and susceptible Jolgeh) in four replications. The results of this study showed, In this project three main factors, irrigation and planting date and cultivar were investigated and all three factors at 5% level with significant difference in root yield and sugar had. With increasing irrigation volume root and sugar yield increased but percent sugar was not significantly different. Completely resistant cultivars than susceptible cultivars were superior in Infected with disease conditions. In late planting root yield and sugar decreased, the percentage of sugar in the last planting date increased. Infection score Rhizoctonia increased with increasing planting dates, although these differences were not significant. The Area under the Disease Progress Curve (AUDPC) of the two years there were large differences disease severity in the second year was higher than the first year. The AUDPC between tre
atments of irrigation, there was no great difference. Differences between cultivars in terms of AUDPC were great. Resistant cultivars (Dorotea) completely resistant against the spread of the disease and susceptible cultivar (Jolgeh) against disease development was quite sensitive Planting date (15 March) was the highest AUDPC But the 15 June planting AUDPC value greatly decreased and reached zero.Treatment interaction effect on March 15 with the planting susceptible varieties (Jolgeh) 8 days with irrigation in 2009 was the highest AUDPC.and AUDPC this treatment was equal to 3038 and AUDPC in the June 15 planting in all treatments were zero.Index root rot was different between sugar beet cultivar and date of sowing and years. Maximum this parameter was 22.11 percent on March 15 with the planting susceptible varieties (Jolgeh) 8 days with irrigation in 2009.