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Study of Sugar Beet Seed Germination Quality Coated by a New Internal Polymer Compared by Foreign  [2012]

Hamdi Holasoo, F.; Taleghani, D.F.; Sadeghzadeh Hemayati, S.; Chegini, M.A.; et al.

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Nowadays polymers have found wide applications in agriculture. Smart polymeric materials and polymer delivery systems contribute to fight with viruses and other unwanted streses in agricultural industry. The goal of this research was to determine the effects of the synthesized polymers properties on ‪ seed germination and seedling growth of sugar beet (variety Zarghan) in laboratory, greenhouse and field conations. It was conducted in year 2011. Experimental treatments were inclued synthesized polymers 0.5 to 3.5 wt%, with 0.5% interval with foreign polymer control as a check and seed without coated polymer. Experimental treatments tested with four replications and in the laboratory and greenhouse were in a completely randomized design and in the field in a randomized complete block design. After covering the seed with the polymers, some important characters such as ‪ germination in laboratory and greenhouse, seed vigor, number of abnormal seedlings and in the field characters such as uniformity and root yeild determined. Greenhouse tests showed the highest germination rate (80.407%) in 1 wt% synthesized polymer treatment. The laboratory results showed that the highest germination rate (81%) of the treated seeds with 2 wt% synthesized polymer had lowest abnormal seedlings (2.896%). The results of laboratory showed that no difference, among seed coated by synthesized internal and foreign polymer. The results of qualitative and quantitative analysis on the f
ield showed that there was no significant difference among treatments, and the most establishment and uniformity was belong to seeds treated with 2wt% synthesized polymer.