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Journal article

Clinical and Laboratory Studies on Chicken Isolates of Clostridium Perfringens in El-Behera, Egypt  [2015]

Abd El-Hamid Hatem Salah-Eldin; Ellakany Hany Fawzy; Bekhit Ahmed Aboelmagd; Elbestawy Ahmed Ragab; et al.

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Clostridial infections are important concern to poultry industry because of severe economic losses and increased mortalities. This study was carried to investigate the current situation of C. perfringens infection in commercial broiler and layer chickens in El-Behera governorate, Egypt. The molecular identification of the genes of different toxins for the isolated C. perfringens as well as the in-vitro and the in-vivo antibiotic sensitivity testing and the experimental reproduction of necrotic enteritis were done. A total of 198 intestinal and liver samples were collected from chickens suffering from diarrhea from 40 flocks (31 commercial broilers, 3 commercial layers, 3 local cross breeders and 3 broiler breeder flocks). The rate of isolation was 72.1% of totally examined flocks and 65.1% of totally collected samples. In-vitro sensitivity test for 5 types A C. perfringens isolates showed that isolates were sensitive to amoxicillin, metronidazole, and florfenicol. Three isolates of type A C. perfringens were chosen for experimental reproduction of necrotic enteritis and for antibiotic testing in-vivo and the results showed no statistical differences in clinical signs, post-mortem lesions, histopathological changes, re-isolation rate, average body weight and liver function tests among all the 3 isolates of type A C. perfringens. Amoxicillin and metronidazole were better than florfenicol in the treatment of such conditions.