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Journal article

Value Chain Analysis of Botswana Poultry Industry: The Case of Gaborone, Kgatleng, Kweneng and South East Districts  [2015]

Charity Masole; Gare Keabetswe Mphothwe; John Cassius Moreki;

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The poultry industry in Botswana has experienced tremendous growth over time and remains themost celebrated example of import substitution, which has resulted in the achievement of nationalfood self-sufficiency. This study evaluated and characterized the structure of poultry value chainin Botswana. Specifically, it identified the actors, linkages, challenges faced by the players; andalso assessed the relative importance of specific flows of poultry products. A structuredquestionnaire was administered to 40 poultry farmers, 10 input dealers, 10 retail stores and 5Ministry of Agriculture extension staff using a purposive sampling technique. The results showedmarket access for small-scale farmers was undermined by the increasing complexity of valuechain and increased vertical coordination of resources. Therefore, the reality of economies of scaleand the need to establish strong marketing links with existing supermarkets by smallholderfarmers for a more competitive poultry industry is inevitable. The poultry market structure isdominated by a few large-scale farmers. On a Likert scale of 1 to 4, these farmers scored anaverage of 3.62 in comparison to 2.60 scored by small-scale farmers, when their workingrelationship levels with other players were explored. These results implied that large-scale farmershave stronger linkages. The study also found out that poultry industry still faces some challengesthat impede its growth and one such challenge is high feed price
s. Therefore, policies aimed atsupporting the industry players must be developed with a view to ensuring sustainabledevelopment of the subsector and enhancing the benefit derived by the player.