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Journal Article

Journal article

Effect of Spiking on Hatchability Levels and Testicular Weight in Broiler Breeder  [2015]

Mehdi Jafari; Mehrdad Irani; Mehdi Haghighi; Sobhan Firouzi; et al.

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The objective of present study was to investigate the effects of spiking of young and/or old males on broiler breeders flock hatchability levels and testicular weight at 45 weeks of age. Two hundred and fifty two female broiler breeders (Ross 308) were assigned to three groups at 24 weeks of age. Adding of males to females groups was carried out at 24, 45 and 45 weeks of age in groups 1, 2 and 3, respectively. Males of group 1 and 2 had 23 weeks of age and males of group 3 had 45 weeks of age. In group 3, adding young males, increased hatchability more than group 2 (P<0.05) but it wasn’t statistically different from group 1 (P>0.05). No significant difference was observed in testicular weight between the treatment groups; however, testicular weight of group 3 was slightly more than the other groups (P>0.05).