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Yasouj University (YU) is the symbol of higher education in the Southeastern Province of Kohkiluyeh & Boyerahmad. YU began its activities in the year 1983 as Yasouj Technical Institute affiliated to Shiraz University. In the year 1993, by establishing an agricultural institute, it became a higher education complex, still affiliated to Shiraz University and was renamed as Yasouj Higher Education Complex. Following that, given the approval of Higher Education Development Council in 1995, it turned into a state-run university in the year 1996, ind [...]

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Journal article

Effect of Stratification and Its Combination with Gibberellic Acid on Seed Dormancy Breaking of Echinophora platyloba  [2019]

Ali Abbasi sourki; Zahra Hosseni; Sina Fallah;

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DOR: 98.1000/2383-1251.1397.5. AbstractIntroduction: Seeds are a good option for propagation and protection of medicinal plants. Although Seed dormancy is an adaptive strategy for wild medicinal plants, but it is considered as an undesirable trait in domestication and cultivation of them, need to be solved. Echinophora platyloba seed has dormancy despite its remarkable medicinal properties.Materials and Methods: In order to break seed dormancy, three separate experiment including stratification, hormonal treatment and combination of both were performed. For stratification 10 samples of were placed in a wet bed at 5 ° C for 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 Week and were compared using a completely randomized design with three replications. For hormonal treatment, the seeds were placed in GA concentrations of 0, 500 and 1000 ppm for 24 hours and then transferred to germination conditions. However, since the breaking of dormancy did not occur, this experiment was not discussed any more. For combined application of hormone and stratification, seeds were placed at mentioned concentrations of gibberellin for 24 hours at 20 ° C and then gibberellin solutions were removed and the seed transmitted to 5 ° C and compared for 2, 4, 6, 8 weeks with a CRD factorial experiment with three replications. The first factor was concentration of gibberellin in three levels and the second factor was the duration of stratification in 4 levels.Results: Stratif
ication had a positive effect on seed dormancy breaking and 16 week chilling lead to highest germination percentage and rate and vigor indices. The combined application of hormonal treatments accelerated dormancy release and improved seed germination characteristics, which peaked at 8 weeks. 8-week stratification treatment at 5 ° C with 1000 ppm gibberellic acid was the best treatment to overcoming of dormancy in Echinophora-platyloba seeds.Conclusion: It seems that seed dormancy of Echinophora seeds is physiological, which broke down by moist chilling and simultaneous application of stratification and gibberellin successfully. Although Gibberellin had no effect on dormancy break, it reduced the need for stratification. Combined application of them showed synergistic effects on dormancy release.  Highlights:Echinophora seed’s dormancy was broken under stratification conditions, but GA had no effect on it lonely.The application of gibberellin reduced the chilling demands of Echinophora seeds and the combined application of them had a synergistic effect on dormancy break

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Iranian Journal of Seed Research

ISSN : 2383-1480