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Journal article

[Efficacy of aminosidine in treating paralyzing gastroenteritis in calves]. [Italian]  [1992]

Baroux D. Contrepois M. Navetat H. Espinasse J. Laboratoire Veterinaire Departemental de l' Allier, Yzeure (France) Institut National de Recherches Agronomiques (INRA), Clermont Ferrand (France) [Corporate Author] Zimbabwe Univ., Harare (Zimbabwe). Dept. of Clinical Veterinary Studies. State University of Utrecht, Utrecht (Netherlands). Dept. of Veterinary Pathology. [Corporate Author]

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A new diarrhoeic syndrome occurred in 71 one-week-old Charolaise calves. It differed from other digestive disorders in calves of this age as far as very moderate diarrhoeic signs, absence of dehydration and presence of ataxia are concerned. The animals were divided in two groups (group A 37 calves, group B 34 calves), treated respectively for three consecutive days with aminosidine or gentamicine administered intramuscularly once or twice a day respectively. The microbiological finding revealed the presence of E. coli septicaemic starins characterized by highly pathogenic antigens (CS31A, Col. V) in 59 animals. As far as therapeutic efficacy of the two aminoglycosides is concerned, aminosidine cured 31 out of 37 animals (83.78%) whereas gentamicine 29 out of 34 (85.29%).

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Rivista di Zootecnia e Veterinaria

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