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[New pear cultivars to enhance industry and consumer standard setting in expanding markets [Pyrus communis L.]]  [2000]

Sansavini, S. Lugli, S. (Bologna Univ. (Italy). Dipartimento di Colture Arboree) Bellini, E. (Florence Univ. (Italy). Dipartimento di Ortoflorofrutticoltura) Predieri, S. (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Bologna (Italy). Istituto di Ecofisiologia delle Piante Arboree da Frutto) et al.

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Nearly eighty new pear cultivars have been released throughout the World over the last decade by both public and private breeders. The range of novelties is especially prominent in Summer and Autumn ripeners and much less so in the Winter ones. Special mention should also be made of the fireblight-resistant cvs: the Canadian Harrow Sweet, Harrow Crisp and Harrow Gold and the US Gourmet, Black Pride, Potomac and Summer Crisp. Worthy of note among the mutation-derived varieties are certain sports like the red- and yellow-skinned ones of Bartlett, as well as some bronzed and red ones of Beurre' Bosc and others of Packham's Triumph and Conference. There is also a marked interest in new Winter varieties, especially those from France, which can fill a real gap here and compete successfully with imports from the other hemisphere. On a closing note, the future may well bring new hybrids of European pear and Nashi cultivars, the aim being to combine the best traits of both

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Rivista di Frutticoltura (Italy)

ISSN : 0016-2310