Written Paper

[Utilization of biosensors in food quality controls]  [2001]

Palleschi, G. Compagnone, D. Moscone, D. Volpe, G. (Universita Tor Vergata, Rome (Italy). Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Chimiche) et al.

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This paper reports some applications of electrochemical biosensors for food quality control. Biosensors for the simultaneous detection of glucose and fructose using oxidase and dehydrogenase enzymes coupled with amperometric transducers have been assembled and used for the analysis in honey samples. A lysine biosensor has been assembled and used in flour samples. This analysis resulted very fast when coupled to the protein microwave hydrolysis procedure. Biogenic amines in salted anchovies and malic acid and glycerol in musts and wines have been measured. A simplified system for lactulose detection has been assembled and used in milk quality control. All these probes resulted fast and reliable, being a good alternative to reference classical methods

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Rivista di Scienza dell'Alimentazione (Italy)

ISSN : 0391-4887