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L'ISMEA (Istituto di Servizi per il Mercato Agricolo Alimentare) è un ente pubblico economico istituito con l'accorpamento dell'Istituto per Studi, Ricerche e Informazioni sul Mercato Agricolo (già ISMEA) e della Cassa per la Formazione della Proprietà Contadina, con decreto legislativo 29 ottobre 1999 n. 419, concernente il 'riordinamento del sistema degli enti pubblici nazionali'.  

Journal Article

Journal article

Nano-scale sciences and nano-technology. A new role for commodity sciences  [2003]

Leoci, B.; Massari, S. (Lecce Univ. (Italy). Dipartimento di Studi Aziendali, Giuridici ed Ambientali);

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Europe is facing a crucial period of its history, due to the increasing competition in a world which is becoming more and more globalised and is in transition towards a knowledge-based society. In this situation, many challenges and opportunities are offered to those who understand the importance of supporting research and development, innovation and information technologies. One of the emerging key technologies is nanotechnology, which potentially may have large social and economic benefits. Nanotechnology has been declared a priority under the 6th EU Framework Programme for Research, while many funds have already been devoted to this field of research by the Japanese and American Government. The present note first introduces the concept of nanotechnology as a new approach which crosses all the disciplines and then focuses on the most crucial steps of its history, to better understand the current situation. Although science at nano-scale offers many opportunities for the market in a wide range of sectors, numerous perplexities also arise. The fundamental step, of moving the nanotech industry from the academic to the commercial stage, hasn' t been made yet, because more research is needed. This could represent a good occasion for commodity science to take part in the global innovation process, offering an important support to the development of a new nanotechnological approach

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Journal of Commodity Science (Italy)

ISSN : 1593-2052