Written Paper

Localization of Diptera larvae in dried mushrooms belonging to Boletus spp.  [2006]

Locatelli, D.P. Suess, L. Panizzolo, F.

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Diptera larvae were found in different parts of the fruiting body of 15 samples of dried Boletus spp., which were different from the commercial point of view and coming from various areas. Larvae belonged to 6 families of Diptera: Mycetophilidae (68.1%), Muscidae (26.2%), Anthomyiidae (3.7%), Sciaridae (1%), Phoridae (0.6%) and Calliphoridae (0.4%). Larvae of Mycetophilidae and Muscidae were found in all samples. The body length of larvae was shorter than 2 mm in 75% of samples. In 93.8% of samples, larvae were found mainly in the cap, rather than in other parts of the mushroom. Mycetophilidae and Muscidae larvae were only observed in Boletus spp. coming from China. On the whole, the examined dried mushrooms came from uninfected fruiting bodies. Phoridae, Sciaridae and Calliphoridae larvae, which prefer already senescent mushrooms, were found only in 3 samples