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Zea models and matrices, measures and materials  [2006]

Bird, R.McK.

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Many large data sets have resulted from over 100 years of maize and teosinte research, but they have not been compared quantitatively. Comparisons can be facilitated using standardized distance matrices (SDMs), setting the average distance between sections Luxuriantes and Zea at 100. Differences between SDMs can guide revision both of teosinte and maize taxonomy and of models of Zea evolution. Principal component factor scores are used to calculate the distances, here modified using their standard deviations. A small sample of Zea accessions and representative variables are used to examine techniques; this cannot be a full systematic analysis. Significant inter-matrix differences may result from recent and ancient introgression and by changing rates of evolution, hypotheses that need to be tested

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Maydica (Italy)

ISSN : 0025-6153