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Bioagronomic characterization of Solanum aethiopicum L. accessions [Basilicata]  [2006]

Sunseri, F. Lotti, C. Alba, V. Ricciardi, L.

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The African eggplant (Solanum aethiopicum L.), among the wild species related to eggplant, is considered of great interest either for typical production in marginal areas and for the genetic improvement of the cultivated species. Different interesting agronomical features occur in Solanum aethiopicum; they may be transferred in cultivated eggplant by somatic hybridization, considering the sexual incompatibility between the two species. Biotypes of African eggplant were usually cultivated in the area of Rotonda (Potenza, Basilicata); the plant is described as very similar to the cultivated ones and recently several growers showed a great interest for this species. Starting from a large germplasm collection of different origin, about 100 accessions were characterized for morpho-agronomic features. Molecular markers such as RAPD and AFLP will be utilized for a genetic characterization. The morpho-agronomic data were analyzed by PCA (Principal Component Analysis), waiting for the polymorphisms revealed by molecular markers

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Italus Hortus (Italy)

ISSN : 1127-3496