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Journal article

Effect of three vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal isolates on growth of tomato, eggplant and pepper in field soil.  [1987]

Al Raddad A.M.; Jordan Univ., Amman (Jordan) [Corporate Author] Alexandria Univ. (Egypt). Faculty of Agriculture. [Corporate Author]

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The effect of three different locally obtained Glomus spp. including Glomus fasciculatum, Glomus monosporum and Glomus mosseae was tested in the field by inoculating tomato, eggplant and pepper seedlings. As parameters for measuring the effect of endomycorrhizal fungi on plant growth, plant height, shoot fresh weight, total yield, fruit size and length of leaf blade were used. The shoot fresh weight of eggplant was increased up to 47%, 28%, 29% by inoculating with Glomus mosseae, Glomus monosporum and Glomus fasciculatum, while total yield per plant was increased up to 60%, 43% and 7%, respectively. The total yield of tomato plant was increased up to 47%, 23% and 9% by inoculating with Glomus mosseae, Glomus monosporum and Glomus fasciculatum while the shoot fresh weight was increased up to 59%, 48%, and 9% respectively. Total yield of pepper plant was increased up to 22%, 21% and 7% by inoculating with the three Glomus species respectively. The most effective fungus was Glomus mosseae which improved plant growth of the three inoculated crops but Glomus fasciculatum was the most efficient isolate in colonizing roots of eggplant and peppers.

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