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Journal Article

Journal Article

'Koushun' a newly registered tea [Camellia sinensis] cultivar with superior aroma  [1999]

Nakamura, Y. (Shizuoka-ken. Tea Experiment Station, Kikugawa (Japan)); Nagatani, T.; Kuranuki, Y.; Hidaka, T.; et al.

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A new tea cultivar named 'Koushun' is a clonal cultivar suitable for green tea 'Koushun' was selected from seedlings derived from the cross of 'Kurasawa' x 'Kanayamidori' in 1970 and it was selected by individual selection in 1975. It was designated as [70-11:6] (strain name)] in 1978 and subjected to a clonal test from 1978 to l984. It was subsequently evaluated for local adaptability and for a specific characteristics from 1987 to 1995. As a result of the test, 'Koushun' is a medium budding cultivar. The shape of the plant is a spread type and the growth habit is fairly vigorous. The flush shoots show bud number type and flush leaves are long and elliptic in shape and dark green in color. Cutting of this cultivar is very easily and show good growth after rooting. 'Koushun' is more resistant to cold damage in winter and tea anthracrose than that of 'Yabukita'. The yield of green leaves of this cultivar is higher than that of 'Yabukita'. 'Koushun' has a slender twist of crude tea and its cup quality is excellent, especially the aroma is strong and rich. As 'Koushun' is the superior green tea, it is suitable for cultivation in areas that aim at making brand of tea, because of the aroma is strong and rich, but it is very different from 'Yabukita'

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" 'Koushun' a newly registered tea [Camellia sinensis] cultivar with superior aroma "
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Technical Bulletin of the Shizuoka Tea Experiment Station (Japan)

ISSN : 0388-9114