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Journal Article

Journal article

Effects of apple polyphenol on pig production and meat quality  [2002]

Oshida, T. (Azabu Univ., Sagamihara, Kanagawa (Japan). Faculty of Veterinary Medicine); Sakata, R.; Yamada, S.; Horiguchi, K.; et al.

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It has been reported that feeding green tea grounds to pigs can reduce the quantity of cholesterol in meat by Oshida et al. There are also the effects of polyphenol in green tea grounds. After applying apple polyphenol and apple fiber like green tea grounds, which are reproduced from pomace of apple juice or immature apples as agricultural waste, as feed for fattening pigs. We had examined the utility value of the feed, the change of serum lipid component, bacterial flora in feces. carcass and meat quality and the effects on the quantity of cholesterol in meat. The pigs for experiment were 30 heads of LWD at the age average 131 days with 67.0kg weight. The pigs were divided into three groups of 10 head. Two groups out of three were trial groups and one was a control group. Formula feed with l“ of AP50 was provided to trial group 1, and one with 0.2 “ of the mixture of AP50+AF was provided to trial group 2. Control group was fed only formula feed. Fattening finishing pigs were provided feed added with Apple Phenon (AP) and Apple Fiber (AF) for two months. The following results were obtained: 1) Usability of feed improved by adding AP and AF to feed. 2) Bifidobacterium in feces increased by adding AP and AF to feed. 3) Crude protein in meat increased by adding AP and AF to feed. 4) Cholesterol in meat decreased maximum 42“ by adding AP and AF to feed. From these results, AP and AF deserve to be called as functional feed.

From the journal

Bulletin of Animal Hygiene (Japan)

ISSN : 0287-6752