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Journal Article

Journal Article

A survey of the fractured teeth of sixty canines and their treatment  [2005]

Yamaoka, K.(Amica Pet Clinic, Ube, Yamaguchi (Japan)); Hachimura, H.; Kuyama, T.; Hirokawa, M.; et al.

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In this survey of 79 fractured permanent teeth of 60 dogs, we studied the breed, age, sex, incidence of fracture by tooth type, motive for finding out fracture, the cause(s) of fracture, the extent of injury, time between fracture and treatment, treatment procedure, and the post-treatment course. The maxillary fourth premolar and the canine tooth had the highest and the second highest incidence of fracture, respectively. Pulp exposure was found in over half of the fractured teeth. Except traffic accidents, most causes of tooth fracture were not known. Half of the owners did not notice the fractures. The fact suggests that further education of home oral care and the performance of thorough in-clinic oral examination are necessary. Some cases of restoration failure and refracture were found after the initial treatment, as well as the development of apical lesions several years after pulpotomy. These indicate the importance of owner education about living environment, regular checkups and radiographic follow-ups.

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" A survey of the fractured teeth of sixty canines and their treatment "
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Yamaguchi Journal of Veterinary Medicine (Japan)

ISSN : 0388-9335