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Records of the pipefish Dunckerocampus naia (Gasterosteiformes: Syngnathidae) from Japan  [2008]

Takata, Y.(National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo (Japan)) Shibukawa, K. Shinohara, G.

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One specimen of the pipefish Dunckerocampus naia Allen and Kuiter, 2004, hitherto recorded only from the tropical region of the Western Central Pacific and Andaman Sea, was collected from the interstices of a precipitous reef at 16m depth off Amami-oshima Island, Ryukyu Islands, Japan. Although the specimen represents the first voucher supported record for this species from Japan, examination of the Image Database of Fishes in the Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Natural History revealed that D. naia is in fact widely distributed in the Kuroshio Current region.

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Japanese Journal of Ichthyology (Japan)

ISSN : 0021-5090