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Written Paper

Production and trade in products from Tanzania’s natural forests  [1990]

Kowero, G.S.; O’Ktingati, A.; NORAD (sponsor); Mgeni, A.S.M., Abeli, W.S., Chamshama, S.A.O. and Kowero, G.S. (eds.);

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The contribution of forestry to Tanzania’s economy is examined on the basis of marketable forest and forestry related products.The role played by the private sector is felt to be significant but difficult to size up due to unavailability of recorded data of such products as fuelwood and an element of information confidentiality in the private industrial sector.Foreign exchange earnings are highest in the tourism industry followed by those from sales of forest products. For 1987 the earnings are respectively US $31.0 million and 11.7 million. The value of nonwood product exports outweight that of wood products emphasizing the need to go further than wood products in sizing the contribution of forestry to the national economy.