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Journal Article

Journal article

Enhancement of Mucosal Immune Functions by Dietary Spirulina platensis in Human and Animals  [2004]

Hayashi, Osamu (Kagawa Nutrition University, Chiyoda, Sakado, Japan); Hirahashi, Tomohiro (Dainippon Ink and Chemicals Inc., Ichihara, Chiba, Japan); Ishii Kyoko (Kagawa Nutrition University, Chiyoda, Sakado, Japan); Kawamura, Chinami (Kagawa Nutrition University, Chiyoda, Sakado, Japan); et al.

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This paper reviews the effects of Spirulina platensis and its extracts and phycocyanin, a blue photosynthetic pigment protein in Spirulina on the mucosal immune functions in humans and animals as follows: ㆍ IgA antibody response and other classes in mucosal immunity of mice treated with Spirulina platensis and its extract. ㆍ Effect of Spirulina phycocyanin ingestion on the mucosal antibody responses in mice. - Distinct effects of phycocyanin on secretory IgA and allergic IgE antibody responses in mice following oral immunization with antigen-entrapped biodegradable microparticles. ㆍ Influence of dietary Spirulina platensis on IgA level in human saliva. ㆍ A study on enhancement of bone-marrow cell-proliferation and differentiation by Spirulina platensis in mice: in vivo and in vitro study

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Nutritional Sciences

ISSN : 1229-232X