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Reviews for legislation of industrial hemp regulation: The proposal to legislate industrial hemp(Cannabis sativa L.) and their research review and regulations in Korea  [2008]

Moon, Y.H. (Mokpo Experiment Station, NICS, RDA, Muan, Republic of Korea), E-mail: yhmoon@rda.go.kr

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To legislate industrial hemp regulation in Korea, it is imperative to review and discuss several informations based on scientific research and industrial hemp regulations of other countries. This article was reviews of hemp cultivation history, research of industrial hemp in Korea and industrial hemp regulations of other countries. Based on the these review and other articles concerning industrial hemp regulation in this journal, I propose resonable guide to legislate industrial hemp regulation in Korea. Hemp is the oldest fiber crop and cultivation areas were above 4,000 ha by 1960s in Korea. But the cultivation areas were rapidly decreased to about 200 because of legislation of Hemp Control Law in 1976 and aging farm labours for traditional fiber processing. The industrial hemp research of Korea was started in 1996 at Mokpo Experiment Station, National Institute of Crop Science, Rural Development Administration. The station bred non drug type variety "Cheongsam" whose THC content was 0.34%. And developed production technique of female seed whose progeny produce 100% female plants. Single convention of narcotic drug of UN was an international treaty for control of drug hemp. But the convention shall not apply to the cultivation of the hemp exclusively for industrial (fibre and seed) or horticultural purposes. Hemp Control Law of Korea was combined to Law Concerning Drugs Control in 2000. This law regards hemp as drugs excepts seeds, roots, mature stem and
their products but hemp seed can not be used for foods. All cultivation of hemp regardless of THC content was illegal but selling or use of important hemp seed foods are legal in United States and Japan. EU and Canada legislate industrial hemp regulation and it is legal to produce, process, sell and use of industrial hemp seeds. The cultivation areas of Canadian industrial hemp were changed by legal environment whether use or not use hemp food in United States. In order to develop hemp industry in Korea, industrial hemp regulation should be legislated divided from Law Concerning Drugs Control. In the regulation, I think the reasonable limits of THC content are 10 ㎛/g, 0.5% and 0.3% concerning varieties for fibe, seed and hemp foods respectively.

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The Journal of the Korean Society of International Agriculture

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