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Ivairiu herbicidu efektyvumas cukriniuose runkeliuose.  [1997]

Deveikyte I. Danmarks Jordbrugsforskning, Foulum (Denmark). 15. Danish Plant Protection Conference: Side Effects of Pesticides: Weeds. Foulum (Denmark). Mar 1998. [Corporate Author] Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture, Dotnuva (Lithuania) [Corporate Author]

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Field experiments were carried out over period 1992-1994 at the Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture in Dotnuva with a view to ascertaining the most efficient herbicide against weeds in emerged sugar beets and to extend the herbicide action by using herbicide mixtures. The experimental results showed that all then herbicides tested gave a very similar weed contro of 40,3-54,2 until the leaves covered interrows. Only Goltix (7 kg/ha) gave a more significant weed control (64,0). Goltix, Nortron and Betanal herbicide mixtures were the best at controling weeds. The air-dry weight of weeds decreased by 3,2-3,8 times as compared with the application of contant herbicides. The root and sugar yield obtained in these treatments was the highest.

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