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Journal article

[Prevalence of salmonella serotipes on Lithuanian pig farms and their immunogenic properties]  [2000]

Virgaitis, M. (Lithuanian Inst. of Veterinary Studies, Kaisiadorys (Lithuania));

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In the period of 1993-1997 61 salmonella strains isolated from adult pigs and piglets on pig-breeding farms of 36 Lithuanian districts were investigated. Pigs on breading farms were most infected with Salmonella choleraesuis serotipe strains - 67,2. From the selected strains S. choleraesuis, S. choleraesuis var kunzendorf and S. enteritidis isolated from pigs on different Lithuanian farms an inactivated vaccine of pig salmonella was produced using aluminium hydroxide and adjuvant emulsigen (MVP Laboratories Inc., USA). The efficacy and immunogenity of this vaccine was tested on piglets. Vaccine with oil in water adjuvant was found to be more immunogenic than that with aluminium hydroxide

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Veterinary medicine and zootechnics (Lithuania)

ISSN : 1392-2130