Written Paper

Teaching practice as the part of finals of bachelor students  [2009]

Kriz, E., Czech Univ. of Life Sciences, Prague (Czech Republic). Inst. of Education and Communication

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The paper submits way outs of incorporation of pedagogical practice in relation with opportunities and requirements of curricular changes of teacher training programmes in the concrete university in Czech Republic. The Institute of Education and Communication of the Czech University of Life Sciences (IEC) provides among others systematic education of workers of secondary schools and training centres in agriculture, forestry and related sectors. For a long time, the students have been included into lifelong education programmes. In the 2005/2006 academic year, IEC introduced also bachelor study programmes. One of them is the programme for teachers of industrial education. The important part of the training of future bachelors – industrial education teachers provided by IEC is teaching practice at secondary technical and secondary vocational schools which cooperate with IEC and are involved in management and organization of this practice. During the teaching practice at model schools the IEC students acquire experience and skills in the educational process. They get acquainted with this process in the form of lesson observation and practice teaching and as compared to students involved in lifelong education programmes; they participate also in lesson observation in theoretical subjects.