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The meaning of historical parks in the settlement landscape ecology  [2011]

Dreija, K., Latvia Univ. of Agriculture, Jelgava (Latvia)

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The research was accomplished within the framework of the doctoral thesis, with the aim to clarify the role of Latvian Manor Park in the settlement landscape ecology. Significance of the Latvian Historical Park in the settlement landscape ecological processes in Kuldiga district was discussed and analyzed. To achieve set objective of the research, there was developed the landscape ecology assessment methodology of the settlements in the influence of the historical parks based on generalized scientific cognitions and researches in the landscape ecology, and scientific researches of the population loads and historical park value. The developed method was applied by surveying the selected historical parks in the settlement, and by assessing biodiversity factors, urbanization load, and landscape ecological networking compatibility degree. As a result, the selected settlements of historical parks were marked in the district of Kuldiga in the landscape ecological map, highlighting the importance of both national and European level. The results indicate significance of the historical parks in the settlement landscape ecology and that the role of historical parks in the settlement landscape ecology is essential, which ensures the natural basic resources air, water and soil quality. In the settlements, the historical parks existence is high value and quality environmental guarantee, which would have been managed according to the proposed principles of landscape ecology science.

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Research for Rural Development. International Scientific Conference Proceedings (Latvia)

ISSN : 1691-4031