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The place of educational institutions in a learning region  [2012]

Kaposta, I., Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy (Latvia);

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A learning region is a region that develops on the education of people who live and work there. The needs based on their identity and maintenance are identified and defined to develop their competitive opportunities by investment in increasing of social capital. The principle of continuous teaching is realized in region, because development of human resources is the part of development strategy in the region. Municipal involvement in learning is one of the cornerstones to ensure sustainability strategy in public development. The social functions of the school were analyzed and obviously they can be interpreted in the context of regional development. The school is the highest grade of ambivalent modern public education as an institution form. The municipality constructs a comprehensive collaboration network of educational institutions that gives the opportunity to constitute various educational projects. Educational institutions unite their resources, thereby the quality of offer increases significantly. It is necessary to include the dimension of region in the structure of educational institutions activities. The educational institution has to maintain a high level of educational standards and quality of education and to consider the strategies of regional development. It is necessary to analyze and evaluate the influence of educational institutions activities on regional development regularly, as well as to search for new types and forms of activities con
stantly to stimulate its influence on regional development. The educational institution operates as an expert in the introduction of creative innovations in learning in regional activities. These purposeful activities create the situation that the educational institution is important in the solution of regional educational problems.