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Journal Article

How should we weight wood properties and quantity in forest tree breeding programs?  [2012]

Wu, H.X., Swedish Univ. of Agricultural Sciences , Umeaa (Sweden). Dept. of Forest Genetics and Plant physiology;Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Acton (Australia). Research Div. of Plant Industry. Black Mountain Lab. - CSIRO;

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Many conifer breeding programs have entered into advanced generation and breeding against the negative genetic correlation (unfavourable relationship between wood quantity and quality) has become one of the biggest challenges in conifer breeding. Both selection strategy and population mating strategy were proposed for balancing wood properties and quantity in forest tree breeding program. For selection strategy, index selection and estimates of appropriate economic weights for breeding objective traits is the most efficient way to weight wood properties and quantity. To develop economic breeding objective, we first need to identify sources of income and expenditure for wood production system, and then to determine tree biological traits influencing costs and revenues for wood production system. Economic weights could be estimated through profit function or by construction of bioeconomic model to link wood production system with biological traits (breeding objective traits). Sawing studies for wood production objective traits are usually required to estimate the economic weights. Estimates of genetic variances and covariances between selection criterion traits at early age and breeding objective traits at rotation age are also required for the construction of selection index. Examples of adverse genetic correlation in conifers are illustrated and case studies using profit function and bio-economic model for estimating economic weights are presented.

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" How should we weight wood properties and quantity in forest tree breeding programs? "
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