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Analysis of the veterinary forensic investigations in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in 2010-2012  [2012]

Berzina, D., Latvia Univ. of Agriculture, Jelgava (Latvia). Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Preclinical Inst.;

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This study was carried out to analyze the veterinary forensic investigations in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Latvia University of Agriculture during 2010-2012 year period on purpose to summarise investigations depending on the criminal proceeding city, animal species and types of the animal death induced patterns and analyze their mechanogenesis. Totally there were done 55 veterinary forensic veterinary investigations. Most of them were defined due to criminal proceedings in Jelgava, Dobele and Riga. Veterinary forensic investigations were done for different animal species, from which the most were domestic animals - 23 dogs, 15 cats and two sheep. Other examined animal species were hunting animals and wild unhunting birds. Examination showed that most popular pattern of animal injuries is caused by shooting. Totally there were 23 animals with gunshot trauma related with the bullet and pellet caused injuries. The rest include ten cases of blunt force trauma and falls, seven cases of asphyxia due to garrotting, hanging, drowning, five cases of sharp force trauma with incised, stab, chop injuries, three cases of biting trauma, two cases of animal neglect due to insufficient feeding, one case of termotrauma due to burns. Other four cases did not show signs of trauma, asphyxia or neglect.

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Veterinarmedicinas raksti (Latvia)

ISSN : 1407-1754