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The dynamics of lactoferrin in milk in relation to cow seasonal keeping and pathogens presence in the udder  [2014]

Kocina, I., Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment „BIOR”, Riga (Latvia); Antane, V., Latvia Univ. of Agriculture, Jelgava (Latvia). Faculty of Veterinary Medicine; Lusis, I., Latvia Univ. of Agriculture, Jelgava (Latvia). Faculty of Veterinary Medicine;

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Recent studies show that lactoferrin contribute significantly to the maintenance of udder health. Sadly the concentration of lactoferrin in cow’s milk during the middle period of lactation is low. That is an urgent issue - how to stimulate and maintain a sufficient level of lactoferrin in the udder at all stages of lactation. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the dynamics of lactoferrin level in cow’s milk in relation to the cow seasonal keeping and presence of pathogens in the udder. The experimental part of the study was carried out on the dairy farm “Pērles”, Vidzeme region. Cows were kept in a cold loose housing system, grouped and fed differently depending on cow productivity and lactation period. Two times in the housing period and two times in the grazing period milk were sampled from 16 dairy cows and examined for the concentration of lactoferrin and for the presence of pathogens. Cows for the study were selected to analyse the milk obtained from clinically healthy udder quarters of cows of similar age and productivity at the middle stage of lactation. It was discovered, that during grazing period compared with the housing period the lactoferrin concentration in milk increases significantly (p is less than 0.05). Some pathogenic bacteria species infecting the udder quarters had significantly increased the concentration of lactoferrin (p s less than 0.05) in milk. Wide variation amplitude of lactoferrin concentration in milk was observed,
which indicates the important role of the individual factor of an animal in the formation of self-defence response.

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Veterinarmedicinas raksti (Latvia)

ISSN : 1407-1754