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Modification of AlSi21CuNi alloy by fast cooled alloy with Al, B and Ti  [2016]

Lipinski, T., University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (Poland);

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One of the most common castings applied in industrial production is aluminum-silicon alloy (ca. 25 % Si). Non-modified Al-Si alloy is characterized by coarse-grained structure, responsible for its poor physicochemical properties. The mechanical properties of hyper-eutectic silumins can be improved through chemical modification as well as traditional or technological processing. Modification improves the mechanical properties of alloys through grain refinement. Thermal analysis has been used to characterize the solidification processes of Al-Si alloy. The technique has been given a lot of information not only about solidification Al-Si alloys, but about microstructure and mechanical properties, too. This study presents the results of modification of an AlSi21CuNi alloy with composition aluminium+boron+titanium in different ranges. The experiments were conducted following a factor design 23 for 3 independent variables. The influence of the analyzed modifiers on the microstructure and mechanical properties of the processed alloy was presented in graphs. The modification of a hyper-eutectic AlSi21CuNi alloy improved the alloy’s properties. The results of the tests indicate that the mechanical properties of the modified alloy are determined by the components introduced to the alloy.

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proceedings of the international scientific conference

ISSN : 1691-5976