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Technical University of Moldova (TUM) is the only higher technical educational institution, accredited by the State in Moldova Republic. Since its establishment in 1964 until now, it has trained about 78 387 engineers and economists.

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Băjenescu, Titu-Marius I. ;

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In the past few years, systems like Siri and Google Now opened our minds to the idea that we don’t have to be tethered to a laptop to have seamless interaction with information. In this model, AIs will move from speech recognition to natural language interaction, to natural language generation, and eventually to an ability to write as well as receive information. Machine learning is about man assisting computers. Deep learning is about systems beginning to progress and learn on their own. Historically, systems have always been trained, they’ve been programmed. And, over time, the programming languages changed. As we move into the area of AI and cognitive computing, we’re exploring the ability of computers to do more unaided / unassisted learning.