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Journal article

Planning the marketing activities in the animal production sector in Republic of Macedonia  [2007]

Sekovska, Blagica; Bunevski, Gjoko; Adamov, Mihajlo; Adamov, Nikola;

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Although the marketing and marketing planning are considered as the main conditions for achieving successful management of the animal production farms, a great number of the farmers in Republic of Macedonia do not have their own plan for marketing solutions. Planning of the marketing activities is necessary for contemporary farm management because they have a great impact on the farmer’s final profit. To achieve an effective management of the farm, the marketing planning should be viewed in scope of the production planning and financing of the production unit. The planning is fundamental for the effectiveness of every animal production unit. Of course, there are cases where not everything can be achieved as planned, as it is when unpredicted situations occur, and in these cases the farmer should react promptly in order to adapt to the new conditions. Nevertheless, the marketing plan is the foundation for taking further effective marketing solutions, which on the other side will provide maximal profit for the owner. It should be noted that the organization of the marketing activities in the animal production sector in Republic of Macedonia is very poor. The few bigger agricultural organizations, such are some privatized units of the former state-owned agricultural organizations, do have certain elements of marketing activities, but that is far from serious marketing approach. Everywhere is obvious the lack of development plan. The few pale traces of marketi
ng elements that can be found in some farms, are mainly lacking solid background i.e. they do not take into consideration the availability of the resources, the demand of the market, as well as a target group of consumers, but instead they are simply copied from some others, more successful organizations, which give us the right to call it “imitation marketing”. Being not adapted to the capabilities of the organization, nor to the market or the consumers that is meant for, this type of marketing does not posses the necessary strength, and thus can not achieve the expected impact on the free market.

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Macedonian Veterinary Review

ISSN : 1857-7415