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Computer modeling during flexion and extension on dog elbow joint  [2007]

Ilieski, Vlatko Pendovski, Lazo Petkov, Vladimir Kocoski, Ljupce et al.

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In this work we have investigated 2-D images in order to create 3-D visualization and animation of movement of dog forelimb. The aim of study was to present the possibilities and advantages on softer design for displaying 2-D images in animated 3-D motion picture. For that purpose we have prepared animation with refer to modern 3-D modeling by using high developed software - Avid Softimage XSI. For precise reconstruction of forelimb bones we used 3-D scan witch was performed with color laser for scanning a different objects. Based of data obtained from CT and MR images there are a possibility that computer modeling can be used as a toll for recognition of special anatomical features on images prepared with Computer Tomography (CT) or Magnet Resonance (MR).

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Macedonian Veterinary Review

ISSN : 1857-7415