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Total economic development benefits for the application of effective microorganisms technology to shrimp production  [2002]

Aguilar, F.X. (Louisiana State Univ. Agricultural Center, Baton Rouge 70803 (USA). Louisiana Forest Products Development Center) Tabora, P.

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Development of sustainable farming systems seeks the application of appropriate technologies aimed at diminishing negative impacts of current practices. New appropriate technologies that intend to offer more benefits than conventional production practices need to be properly assessed by their environmental, social and economic impacts before they are more widely adopted. This study applies the Total Economic Development Benefits (TEDB) concept to assess the benefits derived from the adoption of Effective Microorganisms (EM) technology against conventional shrimp culture in Southern Thailand, TEDB includes direct and functional benefits. Direct benefits were estimated based on the commercial value of difference in inputs and yields, comparing EM values versus conventional shrimp production systems. Functional benefits of EM technology application were estimated through a Conjoint Analysis. Both values were added to estimate the TEDB of the application of EM technology to shrimp farming in Southern Thailand. This preliminary study estimates that EM technology has higher TEDB than conventional production systems

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Journal of Environmental Science and Management (Philippines)

ISSN : 0119-1144