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Economic considerations of policy issues associated with technology transfer in rural development  [1990]

Rola, L.R. Peria, A. (Philippines Univ., Los Banos, College, Laguna (Philippines). Coll. of Economics and Management)

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This paper looks into the Masagana 99 Rice Production Program to identify policy issues associated with technology transfer in rural development, determine and evaluate the economic implications of policy issues and identify research training concerns. After considering the issues, the author presents two major conclusions: 1. That Masagana 99's short-run goals and objectives focused only on increased production and productivity but overlooked the well-being of primary beneficiaries of development in terms of income, employment, education, health, participation on involvement in the program, and many others. 2. That Masagana 99 implementors failed to provide credit, marketing and processing, and technical support services. The author proceeds to present an estimate of the probable cost necessary to correct the above inefficiencies.