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Coconut palm (Cocos nucifera) husk as a potential absorbent for lead, cadmium and zinc ions in industrial waste effluents  [1997]

Omgbu, J.A. Ohochuku, N.S. (College of Education, Warri (Nigeria). Dept. of Chemistry) Iweanya, V. Obaseki, E.M.

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Sorption of lead, cadmium and zinc ions from aqueous effluents by coconut (Cocosnucifera) husk is reported. Results show that more than eighty percent removal could be achieved in the column experiments. The sorption of the metal ions vary markedly with the type of metal ion and follows the order lead cadmium zinc ions and its initial concentrations. Its use for binding lead, cadmium and zinc ions in mining waste effluents is recommended.

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Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research (Pakistan)

ISSN : 0030-9885