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Preparation and evaluation of pear glace at different stages of maturity  [2007]

Muhammad, N. (Agricultural Research Inst., Peshawar (Pakistan)) Shah, A.S. (Agricultural Research Inst., Peshawar (Pakistan)) Riaz, A. (Agricultural Research Inst., Peshawar (Pakistan)) Hashim, M.M. (Agricultural Research Inst., Dera Ismail Khan (Pakistan)) et al.

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Kiefer and Batang varieties of pears at two different stages of maturity (fully mature, half-mature) were dried by glace drying technique at Food Technology Section, ARI, Tarnab, Peshawar during 2004-05. The dried products were kept under observations for 10 months at room temperature. Sensory evaluation of the product showed that mature Batang and Kiefer having low moisture content were comparatively hard in texture and rather better than the fresh fruit. Dried products prepared from mature fruit retained better colour, flavour, and texture taste and overall acceptability. As far as organoleptic quality and storage stability was concerned the pears glace of mature fruits were more acceptable as compared to immature fruit.

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Sarhad Journal of Agriculture (Pakistan)

ISSN : 1016-4383