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Association of diabetes with hepatitis C. virus (HCV) infected male and female patients along with different risk factors  [2007]

Hussain, R.R. (Pakistan Scientific and Technological Centre, Islamabad (Pakistan)) Koukab, G. (University of Arid Agriculture, Rawalpindi (Pakistan). Dept. of Biochemistry) Qayyum, M. (University of Arid Agriculture, Rawalpindi (Pakistan). Dept. of Zoology) Asim, M. (Pakistan Medical Research Council, Islamabad (Pakistan)) et al.

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Presently in Pakistan the rates of HCV caused infection is about 8 - 10% in general population, where as diabetes prevalence is in 12% of people above 25 years of age. The associated risk factors in HCV and diabetes are very common in Pakistan. This study was conducted to prove association between diabetes, hepatitis C and different risk factors bio-chemically and epidemiologically, establish potential relationship (s) and determine independent associations of covariates with diabetes and HCV infection abnormalities. A total of 700 consecutive patients were prospectively selected. On the bases of recorded data, patients were classified as having HCV positive (without diabetes) N = 532 (76%), HCV positive with diabetes N = 118 (16.85%) and normal N = 50 (7.14%) as control. Data showed that HCV infection was independently related to glucose abnormalities and there was a three folds increase in the prevalence of diabetes in HCV subjects. Our study provided evidence that there is a definite relation between HCV infection and diabetes and both were more common in females than males. Married individuals were more susceptible to HCV and diabetes than unmarried. Risk factors have been also associated with HCV infection and diabetes.