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Comparative physico-chemical evaluation of tiger-nut, soybean and coconut milk sources  [2007]

Belewu, M.A. (University of Ilorin (Nigeria). Microbial Biotechnology and Dairy Science Lab.) Belewu, K.Y. (University of Ilorin (Nigeria). Microbial Biotechnology and Dairy Science Lab.)

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Milk of tiger nut (A), coconut (B) and soybean (C) were evaluated for their nutritional quality potentials and for possible inclusion in the preparation of various confectionery products. The milk were analyzed for the total solids, pH, protein, fat, titrable acidity, calcium and phosphorus contents. The results revealed a crude protein content of 8.07, 7.87 and 8.90% for the milk of tiger-nut, coconut and soybean respectively. The fat content was highest in coconut milk and tiger-nut while soymilk had the least. The dry matter was highest for coconut milk while soymilk and tiger-nut milk had similar (P greater than 0.05) percentage. The calcium content was 8.75% (A), 3.01 % (B) and 9.25% (C). The phosphorus was greatest for C followed closely by A and the least for B. The total energy (k/cal 100-1 g) was estimated as 388.30 (A), 332 (B) and 100.52 (C). The study also revealed highest oleic acid (68.83%) in tiger-nut while lauric acid and capric acids were highest in coconut milk compared with other sources. It was concluded that all the milk samples are potentially good source of dietary protein and energy supplement for human consumption.

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International Journal of Agriculture and Biology (Pakistan)

ISSN : 1560-8530