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National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC), Islamabad  established in 1984, is the largest research centre of the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC). NARC, with a total land area of approximately 1400 acres, is located near Rawal Lake, six kilometers south-east of Islamabad. Physical facilities in term of experimental fields, laboratories, green houses, gene bank, library/ documentation, auditorium, machinery & lab equipment repair workshops, stores, hostels, cafeteria, audio visual studios, are also available at NARC.

Journal Article

Journal article

Effect of sucrose and growth regulators on the micropropagation of sugarcane clones  [2006]

Khan, I.A. (Nuclear Inst. of Agriculture, Tandojam (Pakistan). Agricultural Biotechnology Division); Dahot, M.U. (Sind Univ., Jamshoro (Pakistan). Inst. of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering); Yasmin, S.; Khatri, A.; et al.

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The rapid multiplication of early, mid and late maturing sugarcane clones were obtained under different concentrations of commercial sugar and plant growth regulators in this study. Late maturing sugarcane clone AEC82-223 did not produce any auxiliary shoot at 6% commercial sugar concentration. In contrast multiplication rate was higher in early and mid maturing sugarcane clones NIA-2004, BL4 and NIA-98, respectively. Apical meristems were cultured on modified MS medium containing different concentrations of auxins and cytokinins. An optimal multiplication was observed on M4 (1.0mg/l IAA + 1.0mg/l BAP + 0.1mg/l Kinetin) and M5 (0.1mg/l kinetin + 1.5mg/l BAP + 1.5mg/l IAA). Maximum numbers of shoot were observed in BL4 followed by NIA-2004 when 1.0 mg/l of BAP and IAA were applied with low concentration of kinetin (0.1mg/l). Shoot elongation and multiplication was improved on media devoid of BAP (MS + 2 mg/l kinetin + 2 mg/l IBA + 2mg/l IAA). Best rooting was observed on media containing MS + 1mg/l IBA + 6% sucrose.

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Pakistan Journal of Botany (Pakistan)

ISSN : 0556-3321