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Journal article

Correction of systematic errors occurring at stress relaxation test of plant origin materials  [1999]

Golacki, K.; Grabos, A.; Stropek, Z. (Akademia Rolnicza, Lublin (Poland). Inst. Podstaw Techniki);

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Plant materials of high moisture content and viscoelastic behaviour may be described by generalized Maxwell model. Using this model and making relaxation test consisted in axial squeezing of cylindrical samples at determined speed and deformation extent, the viscoelastic qualities of plant material may be determined. An experimental stand was developed and equipped with force sensor and software for gathering and analysis of measurement data. Actual sample deformation was used for calculation that in the experiment was smaller by the bend of force sensor and constituted a systematic measurement error. Instantaneous sensor bend was determined from force applied and linear sensor characteristics. As a result of numerical computations corrected models' parameters were obtained at 2% systematic error

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Inzynieria Rolnicza (Poland)

ISSN : 1429-7264