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Application of the Walker's equation to evaluating energy consumption at grinding cereal grains in a hammer mill  [2001]

Laskowski, J. Lojewska, H. Lysiak, G. (Akademia Rolnicza, Lublin (Poland). Katedra Eksploatacji Maszyn Przemyslu Spozywczego)

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Energy consumption was investigated at grinding selected cereal grains of differentiated moisture content. Tests of grinding process were conducted on an experimental stand equipped with a hammer mill and computer system to data recording. Analysis of the results was based on theoretical Walker's equation. Variability of the equation coefficients was estimated within the range assumed to study. Absolute values of the exponent in the equation were higher than those determined in theoretical equations of Rittinger, Bond and Kick. The values of that parameter obtained for barley and rye grain did not significantly differ

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Inzynieria Rolnicza (Poland)

ISSN : 1429-7264