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CBR is a scientific library subordinated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. It has branch in Pulawy. CBR collections - thematically restricted to agriculture, food processing industry and related sciences

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Journal article

Flowering plants and Pteridophytes of Poland. A Checklist  [2002]

Mirek, Z.; Piekos-Mirkowa, H.; Zajac, A.; Zajac, M.;

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The alphabetical list of taxa includes over 7,000 Latin names and about 5,000 Polish names of more than 4,800 species and subspecies of vascular plants occurring in Poland (out of which about 2,500 are native and about 480 are permanently established taxa). As well as Polish and Latin names currerntly in use, the most important synonyms in both languages are also included. The index comprises all plants occurring in Poland in the wild, both native taxa and permanently established anthropophytes. It includes also an almost complete list of alien species temporarily brought in (ephemerophytes) and several hundred decorative and useful plants (trees, shrubs and perennials), frequently cultivated and having the potential to establish permanently in the wild

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