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Energy value of various fertilization of sugar beet and its yield  [2003]

Buraczynska, D. Ceglarek, F. (Akademia Podlaska, Siedlce (Poland). Katedra Szczegolowej Uprawy Roslin)

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The research defined energy inputs involved in organic (farmyard manure, total plant biomass and postharvest residue of undersown catch crop) and mineral fertilizers (400, 600 kg NPK/ha). There were estimated energy value of feed undersown-catch-crop yield, of sugar beet root and leaf yield and energy effectiveness index. The highest energy inputs were observed in the combination fertilized with postharvest residues of Italian ryegrass. The application of the total hop medick biomass and its postharvest residue under sugar beet, as compared with the farmyard manure, decreased the energy inputs per 1 ha, respectively, by 59.99 and 41.67 percent. An increase in the level of mineral fertilization with NPK increased energy inputs and energy value of sugar beet yield, yet decreased the value of energy effectiveness index. The sugar beet yield energy value was highest in the object fertilized with the total plant biomass of the hop medick and Italian ryegrass as well as with the total plant biomass of hop medick and with 600 kg of NPK/ha. The highest energy effectiveness index was obtained for the combination fertilized with the total plant biomass of hop medick

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Acta Scientiarum Polonorum. Agricultura (Poland)

ISSN : 1644-0625