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Journal Article

Journal article

Effect of light on vase life of Hosta leaves

Rabiza-Swider, J.; Skutnik, E.(Szkola Glowna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego, Warszawa (Poland). Katedra Roslin Ozdobnych);

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Effect of white, red and blue lights on postharvest longevity of cut leaves of Hosta was studied. Blue light prolonged longevity of Hosta leaves, while red light was not. In Hosta "Undulata Erromena" this increase of vase life of cut leaves was 37 percent, as compared to the control leaves (kept in white light), in Hosta "Undulata Univittata" - 54 percent and in Hosta sieboldiana - 18 percent

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Folia Universitatis Agriculturae Stetinensis. Agricultura (Poland)

ISSN : 1506-1973