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Growth and yielding of spring cereals intercropped with lentil and chickling vetch  [2006]

Zawieja, J. Wojciechowski, W.,Akademia Rolnicza, Wroclaw (Poland). Katedra Ogolnej Uprawy Roli i Roslin

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The objective of studies was to determine suitability of lentil and chickling vetch intercropping with wheat, triticale, oats and barley and the effect of spring cereal crops on intercropping with these leguminous crops and also to know the answer whether bringing leguminous into stand of cereal crops is able to substitute nitrogen fertilization or improve its effectiveness. Applying cereal sowing with chickling vetch and lentil significantly formed leaf area index and it was the most significantly showed in final of growing season. Cereal stands with the leguminous crops were characterized by higher LAI in comparison with pure stands mean by 9 percent intercrop with wheat, 22.8 percent for triticale, 23.5 percent for oats and 22.2 percent for barley

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Fragmenta Agronomica (Poland)

ISSN : 0860-4088